Coronavirus: How music events are moving to online live streams

By Danielle Herbert

Alongside the likes of Rex Orange County, Yungblud, and Tom Misch, many up and coming artists have also been taking part in lock down live streams. Among them is a five-piece rock band, Concord Drive.

Its safe to say no matter how much biodegradable glitter you put on your face, a lockdown live stream will never truly compare to the distant memory of a British music festival.

With no return to watching live sets whilst submerged in mud in sight, musicians have been forced to adapt, challenging them to keep disappointed festival fans entertained, whilst abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Frontman, Jacob Vincent, explained the aim behind producing online content. He said: “We’ve been going live on social media in the hope of helping people feel less disconnected from not just music events, but society in general.

“It also allows us to continue to connect and engage with our audience, which is an essential part of our job as a band.”

Explaining how coronavirus has impacted the band directly, he said: “Like other music artists, we are trying to be as creative as possible whilst under lockdown.

“It’s been challenging because we are unable to gig or record, so we have only been able to focus on the business side of things for the time being.”

The ‘Bad Intentions’ signer went on to explain how the band has been coping with these changes. He said: We have been interacting with other bands online which has brought a lot of the local bands closer together, without that being the original intention.

“I think it’s because we are all in the same boat right now.”

Frontman Jacob performing through Facebook live

Speaking on the future of the music industry post-COVID-19, he said: “I’m optimistic about the future of the music industry, even though I am aware most people are not as hopeful.

“There has been a lot of talk about how society will be different once we come out of lockdown and how we will all be closer together, and I think this will be the same for the music industry as well.

“I think we all have become more appreciative of what we are able to do as music artists, so when we are able to perform again it’s going to be a more heartfelt experience for us all.”

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