Inspirational stories from South Wales

The volunteer economy

Since Covid-19 hit the UK in March 2020, there has been an increase in the need for community cohesion and coming together to help those most in need within the community. It’s recorded that a total of 16,000 people has registered to formally volunteer with Volunteering Wales since March this year. This project takes a look at those, often overlooked, volunteers in our community, … Continue reading The volunteer economy

The decline of British starlings

Llantrisant, Wales. 21 January 2021. A starling sings whilst perched on a telegraph pole. Starling numbers have declined markedly across much of northern Europe and the UK. The decline in the UK started during the early 1980s and has continued ever since. Recent data from the Breeding Bird Survey suggest continuing population declines affecting starlings … Continue reading The decline of British starlings

What does Asian look like

Words and images by Aarthy Balaganesh According to Collin’s dictionary, the definition of the term ‘Asian’ means belonging or relating to Asia. British people use this term to refer to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; whereas American people refer to Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There has been a long debate on the term ‘Asian’ in the medical … Continue reading What does Asian look like

Football Behind Closed Doors

Up to the present date Covid 19 has taken over a million lives and changed our daily routine drastically. Life as we know it has gone with social distancing, hand sanitizer, empty pubs and restaurants becoming the new norm. It has been a long journey for football to return with the last game played on … Continue reading Football Behind Closed Doors

Covid class of 2020

One of the many casualties of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak are the thousands of final year students across the country who found themselves in lockdown during their final weeks of their degree. Online teaching replaced face to face lectures and graduation ceremonies are indefinitely postponed. In this article I speak to recent 2020 graduates about … Continue reading Covid class of 2020

Epilepsy and me: Trapped inside a dream

This has happened before. Or do I think it did and it didn’t? No, this definitely happened before. Not just déjà vu, it happened. I’m reliving something. I can’t breathe. I’ve skipped through time. I know what’s going to happen before it does. I’m going to throw up. There’s music, and a weird noise. Why am I such a freak?  For as long as I can remember, I … Continue reading Epilepsy and me: Trapped inside a dream

Photojournalism students chart lockdown life in new book

Photojournalism students at USW have produced a photobook charting their lockdown. Their iamges show the impact of the crisis on family life, journeys and everyday living. Senior lecturer Becky Matthews said “As their lecturer, I am extremely proud of our students. When the country went into lockdown the majority of our students were mid way … Continue reading Photojournalism students chart lockdown life in new book


The rapid spread of COVID-19 caused countries across the globe to get into lockdown in a bid to contain the virus. So I became stranded and was unable to return home. I am from Norway and they shut their borders in mid-March, way before the UK restrictions came into place. I couldn’t fly back to … Continue reading FaceTime

HRH Princess Anne visits Riding for the Disabled, Pencoed.

Monday 2nd of March 2020. Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) celebrated their 50th anniversary at Bridgend college, Pencoed campus, with a guest appearance from HRH Princess Anne. It was the first time that the princess had visited the South Wales RDA. Three hundred representatives from South Wales RDA groups gathered to welcome her at … Continue reading HRH Princess Anne visits Riding for the Disabled, Pencoed.

Refugee Rhythms

Cardiff, UK, 22nd February 2020. Inkspot was the venue on Saturday for Refugee Rhythms, an event held by the network Student Action For Refugees (STAR). The STAR network runs in over 50 universities across the the UK and aims to try and improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers through fundraising and awareness. The … Continue reading Refugee Rhythms

Cardiff creatives making waves

According to research by the British Council, Cardiff’s creative sector is increasing. The city’s fast growing emergent media and TV industry is thanks in part to the BBC and the 42,000 students who are based in the the welsh capital. Cardiff is a hub of creativity with a growing appetite for the arts and entrepreneurship. … Continue reading Cardiff creatives making waves

Anti Valentine Burlesque

The University of South Wales’ very own burlesque group the South Wales Sirens performed a sold out ‘Anti-Valentines’ show at Tiny Rebel, Cardiff this weekend. The groups performances focus on the art of tease, empowerment and inclusively. Committed to spreading self-love, empowerment and body-positivity through the art of burlesque dancing and performing. Anyone is welcome … Continue reading Anti Valentine Burlesque

Remembering Bethan Amy James

The Journalism class of 2020 to Bethan James and her family. This is a piece of writing that we never even thought we would have had to do. Writing this, we are all still in shock that one of our own, Bethan Amy James, passed away over the weekend. This goes out to Steve, Jane, … Continue reading Remembering Bethan Amy James

The Last Hoca

2nd year Melisa Numan travels home to Golyamo Vranovo, Rousse, Bulgaria to visit Asiye Novmanova and Nedzmie Hocain, the last two Hoca in the village. Hoca, or hoxha is the Turkish term for a Muslim teacher and used as an honorary title or surname for religious reader. The Hoca are present to perform necessary ceremonies … Continue reading The Last Hoca

Knife Crime Prevention

CARDIFF, UK. 29th January 2020. Phillip Alisopp is a member of the Socialst workers party in Cardiff. Phillip presented a talk on knife crime and how it can be prevented within youths. Phillip decided to host this meeting because “i have personnaly been effected by knife crimes three times in my life”. knife crime is … Continue reading Knife Crime Prevention


Cardiff, Wales, UK. January 14th 2020. Cardiff based clothing brand O.S.A. have now released their OSA x AUS Collection. 50% of all proceeds will be donated towards the charity WIRES. The donated money, which has already reached over £1000, will able WIRES to continue to help the animals affected by the current, unprecedented bushfires across … Continue reading OSA x AUS